Substitute Rice Diet Food
There are many diet foods menu you can find not only vegetables and fruits as an alternative when undergoing a diet program. Meal replacement diet is rice can continue to meet the need as the intake of carbohydrates and has benefits to protect the ideal body weight. In general, often times people who were doing the diet alter the pattern of food using fruits and vegetables that are commonly referred to as a diet of vegetables and fruits. Because they believe that the presence of excess weight carbohydrates produced by the rice, so it is an alternative way to avoid the current rice diet.

So that you are successful on a diet to lose weight, you should have a balanced intake of carbohydrate intake is one of them meet. The choice of food substitute for rice diet helps you apply in your current diet program, so the need to get the carbs your body continues to be fulfilled though with no rice.

Here are some foods that can substitute for rice diet you eat while doing a diet program.

Here's a diet food substitute for rice


Substitute Rice Diet Food

Corn including carbohydrate source that can meet the needs of the body, in addition to insufficient intake of carbohydrates needed by the body, corn also has a high content of antioxidants. in addition, the supply of corn give Vit. B, fiber, minerals, and also pigment or color of the corn can protect the health situation and so protective eye on your lungs. When selecting corn for consumption as a food substitute for rice diet, it helps if you make sure that the corn is not contaminated materials like pesticides or you can specify organic corn as a food that can be consumed diet. Corn can be mixed into soups or in salads when served as a breakfast.

Potatoes can you select as a food substitute for rice diet when undergoing a diet program. Nutrients present in the potato has the courtesy to meet the needs of the body in addition to carbohydrate intake. Besides, potatoes also contain Vit. C, B, iron, calcium, potassium also fiber can certainly protect our health and can meet the need to get the vitamins needed by the body. The content of resistant starch in potatoes is that there also can burn fat in the body.

For citizens of Indonesia rice meal replacement diet is certainly rarely consumed because indeed not familiar. But pasta can also be consumed to meet the need to get the carbohydrates needed by the body. The high folate and low fat content which can simply be a great benefit to reduce our weight.

But just so you know, actually do not have to set up regular intake of nutrients you eat every day. There are other, more simple way that does not have to count calories or anything else so forth.
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